David Willis is known as a contemporary abstract painter. Using an abstract painterly language, Willis creates landscape-like images with pictorial depth and a sense of physical space. 


The evolution of recent bodies of work has seen a deeper engagement with the natural world. In the Jungle series the gestural brushstrokes become plantlike forms shrouded in the shadows of the Jungle. The latest series Undersea directs the focus to elemental waves and marine flora.


These biological landscapes find meaning in the richly textured surfaces, where the physical properties of the material are embraced, and no attempt is made to hide the rough trace of the artist’s hand.



The paintings champion the natural world, protecting these habitats by immortalising them in paint. The work therefore becomes a political statement, rejecting human primacy - as no figures appear throughout. In this time of accelerating climate change caused by human activity, Willis casts his vote to treasure the natural world and invites viewers to consider the beauty of our fragile planet.


Exhibitions (selected)

2024 - Clinique Novomed, corporate installation, Montréal

2024 - 'A Visual Dialogue' at Arta Gallery

2022 - 'Expressions of Canadian Art' at Arta Gallery

2022 - 'Rainbows Paint a Picture: a group exhibition' at Arta Gallery

2021 - 'Urban Edgy' at Arta Gallery, Toronto

2020 - Interview with The Gathered Gallery

2019 - 'Why the @#&! do you paint?' at The Gladstone, Toronto

2019 - 'Jungle' at Galerie Got Montréal

2018 - Represented by Galerie Got, Montréal

2018 - Featured in 1340 Art Magazine, Q2

2017 - 'Group show' at Galerie D'Este, Montréal

2017 - 'Papier +' group show at Galerie D'Este, Montréal

2016 - Winter group show at Galerie Blanche, Montréal

2016 - 'Exotica' at Galerie Blanche, Montréal

2016 - Line & Pattern collection exhibited at Art Victoria Park, Montréal

2016 - Featured in Fresh Paint Magazine, curated by Alice Herrick 

2015 - 'David Willis Vernissage' at ADHOC Architectes, Montréal

2015 - 'SalonEsque' at MAI, Montréal

2014 - Digital Space collection exhibited at Galerie Saint Dizier, Montréal, Canada

2013 - 'Showcase Cities' at RICHMIX, London

2013 - 'Cites: All Dimensions' at Tokarska gallery, London

2012 - 'Blackhorse Studio Summer Exhibition' at Blackhorse Studio, London 

2012 - 'CLASH INTERNATIONAL' two-person show at Viking gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

2012 - 'Look Up, Twist, Look Down, Look Down' solo show at Palatine gallery, London

2011 - '10 Gales Prize 2011’ at 10 Gales gallery, London

2011 - 'Binary Membrane' collaborative solo show at Studio 1.1, London

2011 - 'For The Arts Sake' at 10 Gales gallery, London

2010 - 'Blackhorse Studio Presents' at Blackhorse Studio, London

2009 - ‘GRIMIS’ two-person show at Stanley Picker gallery, London, UK


2009 BA (Hons), Fine Art, Kingston University, London, UK

2006 Art Foundation (Painting), City of Bath College, Bath, UK