David Willis is a British born contemporary painter.


He uses an array of physical methods of paint application in order to create a surface dynamism that resonates across the painting. Utilising colour theory, in combination with the intensity of mark making; elements of the piece are pushed towards the viewer. The effect of which creates the illusion of pictorial depth, the viewer is drawn into the image and asked to explore the inner landscape.

This key of creating a physical space through using an abstract painterly language is the objective the artist battles to achieve throughout.


The paintings have no set formula to their creation. During their making, a dialogue is formed with the painting; the back-and-forth with the artist informs the development of the composition. The end goal being to find the solution to resolve the image, where nothing more can be further added or removed.



Inspired by Exotica music, and pulsing with movement, Willis’ work demands engagement. 


Exhibitions (selected)


2019 - 'Why the @#&! do you paint?I' at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto


2019 - 'Jungle' at Galerie Got Montréal

2018 - Represented by Galerie Got, Montréal

2018 - Featured in 1340 Art Magazine, Q2

2017 - 'Group show' at Galerie D'Este, Montréal

2017 - 'Papier +' group show at Galerie D'Este, Montréal

2016 - Winter group show at Galerie Blanche, Montréal

2016 - 'Exotica' at Galerie Blanche, Montréal

2016 - Line & Pattern collection exhibited at Art Victoria Park, Montréal

2016 - Featured in Fresh Paint Magazine, curated by Alice Herrick 

2015 - 'David Willis Vernissage' at ADHOC Architectes, Montréal

2015 - 'SalonEsque' at MAI, Montréal

2014 - Digital Space collection exhibited at Galerie Saint Dizier, Montréal, Canada

2013 - 'Showcase Cities' at RICHMIX, London

2013 - 'Cites: All Dimensions' at Tokarska gallery, London

2012 - 'Blackhorse Studio Summer Exhibition' at Blackhorse Studio, London 

2012 - 'CLASH - INTERNATIONAL' two-person show at Viking gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

2012 - 'Look Up, Twist, Look Down, Look Down' solo show at Palatine gallery, London

2011 - '10 Gales Prize 2011’ at 10 Gales gallery, London

2011 - 'Binary Membrane' collaborative solo show at Studio 1.1, London

2011 - 'For The Arts Sake' at 10 Gales gallery, London

2010 - 'Blackhorse Studio Presents' at Blackhorse Studio, London

2009 - ‘GRIMIS’ two-person show at Stanley Picker gallery, London, UK


2009 BA (Hons), Fine Art, Kingston University, London

2006 Art Foundation (Painting), Bath College, Bath